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    New upstream release. · 80e7ff09
    Lucas Nussbaum authored
    * New upstream release.
    * Merged patches:
      + 01_build.1.patch
      + 06_man.patch
      + 10_hurd.patch
    * Removed patches:
      + 02_fix.patch - no longer needed
      + 12_unknown_lscolors.patch - upstream says:
          "rejected - will not apply now, I'd rather see the error and
           fix $LS_COLORS than eat it up silently."
    * Bug fixes:
      + "Crash with autoexpand and no histchars" (LP: #96490)
      + "tcsh history file fails to save commands with "!" properly" (LP: #139537)
      + "tcsh's sending of HUPs to children is broken" (Closes: #314641)
      + "tcsh doesn't support CR/LF end-of-lines in some cases, contrary to csh"
        (Closes: #462346)
      + "complete.tcsh bug in postmap" (Closes: #552632)
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