Commit 48dd6276 authored by Thomas Lange's avatar Thomas Lange

debian/csh.login: use full path for ls

fixing the script for people with an aliased ls. Closes: #607828. LP: #70763
parent d3b5005e
# /etc/csh.login: system-wide .login file for csh(1) and tcsh(1)
# allow for other packages/system admins to customize the shell environment
if (-e /etc/csh/login.d && `ls /etc/csh/login.d` != "") then
foreach FILE (`ls /etc/csh/login.d/*`)
if (-e /etc/csh/login.d && `/bin/ls /etc/csh/login.d` != "") then
foreach FILE (`/bin/ls /etc/csh/login.d/*`)
source $FILE;
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