Commit 3be7391d authored by Aleks Kissinger's avatar Aleks Kissinger


parent 123f62d8
...@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ macdeployqt ...@@ -8,8 +8,8 @@ macdeployqt
cd cd
POPPLER_QT=`ls libpoppler-qt*` POPPLER_QT=`ls libpoppler-qt*`
POPPLER_PATH=`otool -L $POPPLER_QT | sed -e 'm!.*\(/usr.*\(libpoppler\..*dylib\)\).*!\1!p'` POPPLER_PATH=`otool -L $POPPLER_QT | sed -e 's!.*\(/usr.*\(libpoppler\..*dylib\)\).*!\1!p'`
POPPLER_LIB=`otool -L $POPPLER_QT | sed -e 'm!.*\(/usr.*\(libpoppler\..*dylib\)\).*!\2!p'` POPPLER_LIB=`otool -L $POPPLER_QT | sed -e 's!.*\(/usr.*\(libpoppler\..*dylib\)\).*!\2!p'`
echo "Found $POPPLER_QT and $POPPLER_LIB" echo "Found $POPPLER_QT and $POPPLER_LIB"
echo "Replacing $POPPLER_PATH with relative path..." echo "Replacing $POPPLER_PATH with relative path..."
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