Commit 6d545419 authored by Sebastian Reichel's avatar Sebastian Reichel

make it possible to use uscan for getting new releases

Upstream has tags again and Debian tools nowadays can
automatically remove and repack non-dfsg archives using
the machine parsable copyright file. This simplifies
the update process :)
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The source tarball is created from the git repository
using git archive. A few files are removed though:
# Remove lib/button/ from upstream source (because of the *.swf files)
# (The feature is not available in Debian's tt-rss installation)
rm -rf tt-rss-$(DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION)/lib/button
# remove dojo and dijit javascript libs from upstream source (js source files missing)
# (Debian uses its own dojo/dijit packages instead of the bundled copy)
rm -rf tt-rss-$(DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION)/lib/dijit
rm -rf tt-rss-$(DEB_UPSTREAM_VERSION)/lib/dojo
# You can use the following command to generate a DFSG
# compatible source tarball from upstream's git repository
git archive --prefix "tt-rss/" master | \
tar --delete tt-rss/lib/button tt-rss/lib/dijit tt-rss/lib/dojo | \
xz --best > ../tt-rss-master.orig.tar.xz
Files-Excluded: lib/dijit/* lib/dojo/*
Comment: Drop bundled pre-compiled libraries
Files: *
Copyright: 2005-2010, Andrew Dolgov <>
# upstream is maintained as untagged git nowadays
filenamemangle=s/.*\/archive\/(\d\S+)\.tar\.gz/tt-rss-$1\.tar\.gz/g \ .*archive\/(\d\S+)\.tar\.gz
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