Commit 0d2986d4 authored by Jaroslav Škarvada's avatar Jaroslav Škarvada

new release (2.9.0-rc.1)

Signed-off-by: default avatarJaroslav Škarvada <>
parent 79d995a3
......@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
Summary: A dynamic adaptive system tuning daemon
Name: tuned
Version: 2.8.0
Release: 1%{?with_snapshot:.%{git_suffix}}%{?dist}
Version: 2.9.0
Release: 0.1.rc1%{?with_snapshot:.%{git_suffix}}%{?dist}
License: GPLv2+
......@@ -399,6 +399,53 @@ fi
* Thu Oct 12 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada <> - 2.9.0-0.1.rc1
- new release
- rebased tuned to latest upstream
resolves: rhbz#1467576
- added recommend.d functionality
resolves: rhbz#1459146
- recommend: added support for matching of processes
resolves: rhbz#1461838
- plugin_video: added support for the 'dpm' power method
resolves: rhbz#1417659
- list available profiles on 'tuned-adm profile'
resolves: rhbz#988433
- cpu-partitioning: used tuned instead of tuna for cores isolation
resolves: rhbz#1442229
- inventory: added workaround for pyudev < 0.18
resolves: rhbz#1251240
- realtime: used skew_tick=1 in kernel cmdline
resolves: rhbz#1447938
- realtime-virtual-guest: re-assigned kernel thread priorities
resolves: rhbz#1452357
- bootloader: splitted string for removal from cmdline
resolves: rhbz#1461279
- network-latency: added skew_tick=1 kernel command line parameter
resolves: rhbz#1451073
- bootloader: accepted only certain values for initrd_remove_dir
resolves: rhbz#1455161
- increased udev monitor buffer size, made it configurable
resolves: rhbz#1442306
- bootloader: don't add nonexistent overlay image to grub.cfg
resolves: rhbz#1454340
- plugin_cpu: don't log error in execute() if EPB is not supported
resolves: rhbz#1443182
- sap-hana: fixed description of the sap-hana profiles
resolves: rhbz#1482005
- plugin_systemd: on full_rollback notify about need of initrd regeneration
resolves: rhbz#1469258
- don't log errors about missing files on verify with ignore_missing set
resolves: rhbz#1451435
- plugin_scheduler: improved logging
resolves: rhbz#1474961
- improved checking if we are rebooting or not
resolves: rhbz#1475571
- started dbus exports after a profile is applied
resolves: rhbz#1443142
- sap-hana: changed force_latency to 70
resolves: rhbz#1501252
* Fri Apr 7 2017 Jaroslav Škarvada <> - 2.8.0-1
- new release
- rebase tuned to latest upstream
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