Commit 66b247a7 authored by Ondřej Lysoněk's avatar Ondřej Lysoněk

cpu-partitioning: Modify irqbalance config regardless of defirqaffinity exit code

Previously the irqbalance config was not modified if setting the affinity
of at least one IRQ failed. That does not make much sense to me - it can
result in irqbalance assigning isolated CPUs to IRQs, even if it can be

Even if affinity cannot be changed for any of the present IRQs,
hypothetically it can happen (I think) that new hardware is hotplugged,
and the affinity of its IRQ can be changed. So let's always modify the
irqbalance config for good measure.
Signed-off-by: default avatarOndřej Lysoněk <>
parent aa712fe5
......@@ -39,10 +39,9 @@ start() {
mkdir -p "${TUNED_tmpdir}/usr/lib/dracut/hooks/pre-udev"
cp /etc/systemd/system.conf "${TUNED_tmpdir}/etc/systemd/"
cp "${TUNED_tmpdir}/usr/lib/dracut/hooks/pre-udev/"
if python /usr/libexec/tuned/ "remove" "$TUNED_isolated_cores_expanded"; then
sed -i '/^IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS=/d' /etc/sysconfig/irqbalance
echo "IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS=$TUNED_isolated_cpumask" >>/etc/sysconfig/irqbalance
python /usr/libexec/tuned/ "remove" "$TUNED_isolated_cores_expanded"
sed -i '/^IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS=/d' /etc/sysconfig/irqbalance
echo "IRQBALANCE_BANNED_CPUS=$TUNED_isolated_cpumask" >>/etc/sysconfig/irqbalance
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