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    Added support for 'summary' and 'description' of profiles · c24e2ea0
    Jaroslav Škarvada authored
    Added new tuned-adm functionality 'profile_info'. It has optional parameter
    'profile_name'. If called without parameter, active profile is used.
    It outputs name of the profile it is querying, profile summary, and profile
    description. If there is no profile summary or description available it
    outputs empty string(s).
    Extended tuned-adm 'list' functionality. It now displays profile summary
    in the list (if available).
    Added summary to profiles.
    Extended D-Bus API to support the new feature and for better Cockpit support:
     - Added 'profile_info' method. It gets profile_name argument and it queries
       the requested profile for information. If profile_name is empty string it
       queries the active/selected profile. It returns tuple of the following
       format (status, profile_name, summary, description), where status is
       boolean. If it is False, the query mechanism failed and the other fields
       don't contain valid data
     - Added 'profiles2' method. It's extension of 'profiles' method. It returns
       list of tuples. Tuples have following format:
       (profile_name, profile_summary)
    Related: rhbz#1228356
    Fixes: #46
    Signed-off-by: default avatarJaroslav Škarvada <jskarvad@redhat.com>
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