Commit 26128f4f authored by Michael Jeanson's avatar Michael Jeanson

Drop gcj compat patch

parent f81465e0
Description: javah doesn't generate class files
Author: Michael Jeanson <>
--- a/liblttng-ust-java/
+++ b/liblttng-ust-java/
@@ -22,6 +22,7 @@
org_lttng_ust_LTTngUst.h: jni-header.stamp
jni-header.stamp: $(dist_noinst_JAVA)
+ $(JAVAC) -classpath $(srcdir) $(JAVACFLAGS) $(pkgpath)/
$(JAVAH) -classpath $(srcdir) $(JAVAHFLAGS) org.lttng.ust.LTTngUst && \
echo "JNI header generated" > jni-header.stamp
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