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Releasing viking 1.1

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Viking 1.1 (2011-02-08)
New features since 1.0
* [DOC] Add MapQuest Nominating search service in examples
* Adjust colour of last auto track colour to not clash with default create track colour.
* Add menu icons for the maps layer menu.
* Make the selection list in Merge With Other Tracks sorted alphabetically.
* Add sort list by name function. Will be useful for track and waypoint list ordering.
* [DOC] Mark ready for 1.1 release. Update help manual version to 0.2.
* [DOC] Add layer information for Aggregates, Coords and GeoRefs in help.
* [DOC] Add Maps layer help information.
* [DOC] Add overall layer information and promote each layer to be a top level section in help.
* [DOC] Add DEM layer help information.
* [DOC] Mention waypoint properties in help information.
* [DOC] Update GPS layer help information.
* [DOC] Update track operations help information.
* [DOC] Update waypoint operations help information.
* [DOC] Update Tools help section
* [DOC] Update TrackWaypoint layer menu help Information
* Improve positioning of the menu separator on waypoint menus.
* Add GeoRef layer tooltip to show the file name in use.
* Add GPS Layer tooltip to say the protocol (aka device manufacturer) type.
* TrackWaypoint Layer tooltip featuring summaries for tracks and waypoints.
* Add maps layer tooltip to show the map name(type).
* Add DEM layer tooltip to show the number of DEM files in use.
* Add Track and waypoint sublayer tooltip information.
* Add treeview use and display of layers tooltip.
* Add Layer Tooltip callback definition
* Add sublayer tooltip callback definition.
* When getting data via the GPS layer automatically set the view to see it, unless the realtime tracking mode is on.
* On acquiring data from sources (inc. GPS) automatically set the view to see it. Except for GeoCaches; as it's likely you're requesting data for the current area, so no point in trying to change the view.
* On opening GPX files automatically view all the data.
* Add 'View All Tracks' option to the panel Layer menu options, which sets the view (center & zoom) to see all the tracks of that layer.
* Add 'View Waypoints' option to the TrackWaypoint layer menu options, which sets the view (center & zoom) to see all the Waypoints.
* Add 'View Track' option to the Track sublayer menu options, which sets the view (center & zoom) to see the track.
* Add 'View Layer' option to the TrackWaypoint Layer menu options, which sets the view (center & zoom) to see the entire layer.
* Add the ability to 'autozoom' to view an area specified by maximum and minimum lat/longs for a TrackWaypoint layer.
* Create a new 'Show' submenu entry
* Improve curl usage as should call cleanup on application exit.
* Add copyright and license properties for NASA BlueMarble data.
* Add background thread loading of DEM files.
* Add Track->Goto Highest and Lowest points features.
* Add Track->Goto Maximum Speed feature.
* Rework Track->Goto menu options.
* Add support for the TMS interface provided by SPOTMaps
* Add license related properties
* Add copyright property
* Improve key binding for Mercator Mode -> ctrl+m
* Add documentation for generic TMS map source
* Improve key bindings for ModeLatLon.
* Add OSM WMS Server
* Add support for WMS-C
* Add support for more standard TMS
* Move-up download methods
* Add LatLon projection
* Better safety checking code
* Add support for Locosys devices via GPSBabel's navilink device protocol.
* Add support for DeLorme devices via GPSBabel's delbin device protocol.
* Add the ability to insert a trackpoint into a track via the Edit Trackpoint dialog.
* Add internal function to insert a trackpoint after the currently selected trackpoint.
* Add license notice to new file
* Enable individual track to GPX export via the Track sublayer menu.
* Set default action on dialogs.
* Add a perl script to auto generate basic Viking .vik files for directories containing images.
* Enable control of the visibility of the menubar [including keyboard shortcut - F4]. Also enable panic key 'Escape' to restore menubar if hidden and no tool uses it.
* Enable control of the visibility of the toolbar [including keyboard shortcut - F3].
* Make use of the vikwindow toolbar variable.
* Enable control of the visibility of the statusbar [including keyboard shortcut - F12].
Fixes since 1.0
* Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL assertion when the application is closed with a Track Property window on display.
* Prevent Gtk-CRITICAL assertion when the application is closed whilst loading DEMs.
* Fix trackpoint edit altitude sensitivity to be re-enabled after it has been disabled.
* Fix incorrect cut/copy of sublayers when accessed via the layers panel buttons.
* Fix the List Dialog so that it does not become taller than the screen when there are lots of entries.
* Fix some compiler warnings in viktrwlayer.c when configured to build with --disable-alphabetized-trw
* Fix Resource leak detected by cppcheck 1.46
* Fix compiler warning in curl_download.c
* Fix compiler warning in vikmapslayer.c
* Fix compiler warning in vikwindow.c - use correct const typing.
* Fix compiler warnings - correct Widget / Window type.
* Fix memory leak when generating image file
* Fix: Improve XML reading error reporting
* Fix compiler warnings in osm.c
* Fix compiler warning in vikmapslayer.c
* Fix Waypoint & Track visibility issues.
* Fix SF#3104028: Default Color Background is incorrectly saved as black into a new .vik file.
Viking 1.0 (2010-11-14)
New features since 0.9.96
* Add minimal translator-credits in About dialog
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@
# Process this file with autoconf to produce a configure script.
AC_INIT(viking, 1.0)
AC_INIT(viking, 1.1)
dnl AC_CONFIG_SRCDIR([src/main.c])
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