1. 14 Feb, 2019 4 commits
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      Release 0+20190211+gitcbaf813-0.1 · 2ae3ec29
      David Kalnischkies authored
      This includes the never really released and hence untagged
      0+20181228+gitc209cdb-0.1 as well.
      Note that this is slightly larger than you would hope for in soft
      freeze, but the diff becomes reasonable if we ignore the changes we
      "revert" (due to not loading third-party modules) and accepting the code
      churn done by frozendict dropping (as a direct dependency).
      Upstream has no notion of "release", so for a Debian release it seems
      better to pick a newer git snapshot than to start backporting now given
      that this can be considered as a minor new upstream release.
      References: 0c9050b2
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      Refresh patches · 6bcf3437
      David Kalnischkies authored
      Upstream added support for virtualenv in their thirdparty module loading
      code, but as we do not load any of them and instead rely on proper
      packages we can just drop this part as well.
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      Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0+20190211+gitcbaf813' · 04e93c7e
      David Kalnischkies authored
      Update to upstream version '0+20190211+gitcbaf813'
      with Debian dir fb8a176a5801ab2b4766ab1b7f27025363319711
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