Commit 30b0c971 authored by Tatsuya Kinoshita's avatar Tatsuya Kinoshita

Prevent array index out of bounds for tridvalue in feed_table_tag()

parent a3ed914b
......@@ -2566,8 +2566,10 @@ feed_table_tag(struct table *tbl, char *line, struct table_mode *mode,
#ifdef ID_EXT
if (parsedtag_get_value(tag, ATTR_ID, &p))
if (parsedtag_get_value(tag, ATTR_ID, &p)) {
check_row(tbl, tbl->row);
tbl->tridvalue[tbl->row] = Strnew_charp(p);
#endif /* ID_EXT */
tbl->trattr = align | valign;
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