Commit bdc549fc authored by Tatsuya Kinoshita's avatar Tatsuya Kinoshita

Update ChangeLog

parent e039eb25
2018-03-23 Mike <>
Update grammar & spelling in some English READMEs.
* doc/README.img: Update README.img.
* doc/README.dict: Update README.dict.
* doc/README.pre_form: Update README.pre_form.
* doc/README.cookie: Update README.cookie.
* doc/README.cookie: Update README.cookie.
2018-03-04 Jia Zhouyang <>
Fix crashes when some external APIs fail.
* url.c: Add error handling code for fopen.
Check the return code of fopen, and return when it fails.
* file.c: Add error handling code for fopen.
Check the return value of fopen, and add proper error handling code.
* local.c: Add error handling for chdir.
When chdir fails, print error message and exit.
2018-01-25 Tatsuya Kinoshita <>
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