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2017-08-27 Kyle J. McKay <>
Correct <base ...> parsing and do not turn a form's GET into POST
* form.c:
form.c: do not gratuitously turn GET into POST.
When encountering a <form ...> tag that contains these values:
method="get" enctype="multipart/form-data"
Do not transform the method into POST to accomodate enctype.
Instead behave in the compatible way that all other browsers
behave in this instance and ignore the enctype parameter
(treating it as the default application/x-www-form-urlencoded)
and perform a "GET" just as the method parameter requests.
This behavior produces far more compatible results than
gratuitously changing the "get" into a "post" which can
result in unexpected "405 Method Not Allowed" errors.
Signed-off-by: Kyle J. McKay <>
* file.c:
file.c: compute correct base URL when not absolute.
When a server makes use of the PATH_INFO feature in a CGI,
the returned pages may often have a <base href="..." /> tag
specifying the URL of the CGI itself as the base.
However, to avoid hard-coding the scheme and host into such
a base href, the href value will often omit the scheme, host
and port.
Make sure that when parsing any such base href value that
any omitted components are taken from the current URL rather
than taken as being from a bare, absolute file:/// URL.
Signed-off-by: Kyle J. McKay <>
2017-01-02 Tatsuya Kinoshita <>
* NEWS: Update NEWS.
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