******* w3m (WWW-wo-Miru) Version @CURRENT_VERSION@ by A.ITO ********
***** Key assign table *****

Page/Cursor motion

SPC,C-v,+Forward page
b,ESC v,-Previous page
lCursor right
hCursor left
jCursor down
kCursor up
JRoll up one line
KRoll down one line
^Go to the beginning of line
$Go to the end of line
>Shift screen right
<Shift screen left
C-aGo to the first line
C-eGo to the last line
GGo to the specified line
ZMove to the center line
zMove to the center column
TAB,C-n,Down arrowMove to next hyperlink
ESC TAB,C-p,Up arrowMove to previous hyperlink
C-gShow current page position

Hyperlink operation

RET, C-f, Right arrowFollow hyperlink
d, ESC RETSave link to file
uPeek at link URL
iPeek at image URL
IView inline image
ESC ISave inline image to file
:Mark URL-like strings as links
ESC :Mark Message-ID-like strings as links
cPeek at current URL
=Display information about current document
C-hView browser history
FRender frames
MBrowse current document using external browser (prefix 2, 3, ..., or 9 to invoke alternate configured browsers, e.g. 3 M)
ESC MBrowse link using external browser (prefixed as above, e.g. 3ESC M)

File/Stream operation

g,UOpen URL
VView new file
@Execute shell command and load
#Execute shell command and browse

Buffer operation

B, C-b, Left arrowBack to the previous buffer
\View HTML source
sSelect buffer
EEdit buffer source
C-l, C-wRedraw screen
R, C-rReload buffer
S, pSave buffer
ESC sSave source
ESC eEdit buffer image

Buffer selection mode

k, C-pSelect previous buffer
j, C-nSelect next buffer
DDelete current buffer
RETGo to the selected buffer

Bookmark operation

v, ESC bLoad bookmark
a, ESC aAdd current to bookmark


/, C-sSearch forward
nSearch next
wToggle search wrap mode

Mark operation

C-SPCSet/unset mark
PGo to previous mark
NGo to next mark
"Mark by regular expression


!Execute shell command
H, ?Help (load this file)
oSet option
C-kShow cookie jar
qQuit (with confirmation, if you like)
QQuit without confirmation

Line-editing mode

C-fMove cursor forward
C-bMove cursor backward
C-hDelete previous character
C-dDelete current character
C-kKill everything after cursor
C-uKill everything before cursor
C-aMove to the top of line
C-eMove to the bottom of line
C-pFetch the previous string from the history list
C-nFetch the next string from the history list
TAB,SPCComplete filename