Commit a3c7ae0c authored by Miklós Máté's avatar Miklós Máté Committed by Bernhard Link

print error in hex, add sequence number

parent 3929826e
......@@ -1909,13 +1909,14 @@ static inline void print_server_error(struct connection *c) {
seq = (unsigned int)serverCARD16(2);
startline(c, TO_CLIENT, "%04x:Error %hhu=%s: major=%u, minor=%u, bad=%u\n",
startline(c, TO_CLIENT, "%04x:Error %hhu=%s: major=%u, minor=%u, bad=0x%08x, seq=%04x\n",
/* don't wait for any answer */
for( lastp = &c->expectedreplies ;
(replyto=*lastp) != NULL ; lastp=&replyto->next){
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