Commit 1649e90e authored by Jeremy Katz's avatar Jeremy Katz

api fixes from tim

parent 9ba1b790
......@@ -24,26 +24,25 @@ import os
import output
import rpmUtils.arch
from urlgrabber.progress import TextMeter
from yum.logger import Logger
import logging
from yum.packages import parsePackages
from yum.misc import getCacheDir
from optparse import OptionParser
from urlparse import urljoin
def initYum():
global logger
my = yum.YumBase()
my.doConfigSetup(init_plugins=False) # init yum, without plugins
my.conf.uid = os.geteuid()
if my.conf.uid != 0:
cachedir = getCacheDir()
if cachedir is None:
print "Error: Could not make cachedir, exiting"
logger.error("Error: Could not make cachedir, exiting")
my.log = Logger(threshold=my.conf.debuglevel, file_object =sys.stdout)
my.repos.callback = output.CacheProgressCallback(my.log,
my.errorlog, my.filelog)
my.repos.callback = output.CacheProgressCallback()
return my
......@@ -68,6 +67,8 @@ def parseArgs():
return (opts, args)
def main():
global logger
logger = logging.getLogger("yum.verbose.yumdownloader")
(opts, args) = parseArgs()
my = initYum()
......@@ -168,11 +169,12 @@ def main():
local = os.path.join(opts.destdir, local)
if (os.path.exists(local) and
str(os.path.getsize(local)) == download.returnSimple('packagesize')):
my.errorlog(0,"%s already exists and appears to be complete" % local)
logger.error("%s already exists and appears to be complete" % local)
# Disable cache otherwise things won't download
repo.cache = 0
repo.get(relative=remote, local=local)
download.localpath = local # Hack: to set the localpath we want.
if __name__ == '__main__':
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