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updated ChangeLog

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2010-01-27 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: bumped yum-utils version to 1.1.25
2010-01-27 Tim Lauridsen <>
* docs/Makefile: install fs-snapshot docs
2010-01-27 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: make the /etc/yum.repos.d in buildroot
2010-01-27 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: Added touch /etc/yum.repos.d/_local.repo to
install section this need for for the ghost in files section of
2010-01-27 Tim Lauridsen <>
* plugins/fs-snapshot/, plugins/local/, fix pylint errors. ************ Module
yum-builddep E0602:169:YumBuildDep.get_build_deps: Undefined
variable 'opts' ************* Module fs-snapshot W0107:
47:pretrans_hook: Unnecessary pass statement W0107:
75:pretrans_hook: Unnecessary pass statement W0611: 32: Unused
import sys ************* Module local W0601: 39:prereposetup_hook:
Global variable 'local_repo_dir' undefined at the module level
E0602:118:_rebuild: Undefined variable 'done'
2010-01-21 James Antill <>
* Add rpmdb versions to the dump file
2010-01-21 James Antill <>
* A couple of fixes for yum-debug-restore, and can now work across
arch. Add --ignore-arch option. Don't traceback when not
given an argument. Don't traceback when piped. Eg. | head -2
2010-01-20 James Antill <>
* Put the debuginfo-install options in it's
option group
2010-01-20 James Antill <>
* Auto install the debuginfo plugin, when
people install debuginfo packages
2010-01-20 Seth Vidal <>
* fix up error message from exception
2010-01-18 Seth Vidal <>
* make repofrompath use add_enable_repo from yumbase
rather than its own thing fixes up using --group* commands from
--repofrompath repos and also catches GroupsErrors properly at setup
closes rh bug:
2010-01-12 Seth Vidal <>
* plugins/changelog/ fix for bug: - make sure we
catch valueerror later, too
2010-01-12 Seth Vidal <>
* whoops - import sys, too
2010-01-12 Seth Vidal <>
* catch yumbaseerror exceptions in repograph so it
won't traceback if our repos aren't available for some reason:
2010-01-12 Seth Vidal <>
Merge branch 'master' of
ssh:// * 'master' of
ssh:// Add
--releasever to repoquery Fix source downloads, maybe. We parse
all the info. from the sourcerpm
2010-01-12 Seth Vidal <>
* fix for rh bug: just make
usage() -> print_usage() for optparser
2010-01-11 James Antill <>
* Add --releasever to repoquery
2010-01-08 James Antill <>
*, Fix source downloads, maybe. We parse all the info. from the
sourcerpm field when we don't get a source package. Tested with:
yumdownloader --source perl-IO-Compress-Zlib
2010-01-08 Gerhardus Geldenhuis <>
* docs/debuginfo-install.1, docs/package-cleanup.1,
docs/repo-rss.1, docs/repodiff.1, docs/repoquery.1,
docs/reposync.1, docs/yum-aliases.1, docs/yum-builddep.1,
docs/yum-changelog.1, docs/yum-complete-transaction.8,
docs/yum-debug-dump.1, docs/yum-filter-data.1,
docs/yum-fs-snapshot.1, docs/yum-fs-snapshot.conf.5,
docs/yum-groups-manager.1, docs/yum-list-data.1,
docs/yum-security.8, docs/yum-utils.1, docs/yum-verify.1,
docs/yum-versionlock.1, docs/yum-versionlock.conf.5,
docs/yumdownloader.1, commit patch fixing links to yum
website and making all the bug reporting information consistent.
Additionally, making the date formatting in the man pages consistent
2010-01-06 Seth Vidal <>
* plugins/auto-update-debuginfo/ make auto
update plugin use instead of print yum bug 384
2010-01-04 Seth Vidal <>
* simple, obvious, typo
2010-01-04 Tim Lauridsen <>
* make yum-builddep smarter when a package is build
from srpm with another name and make the output a little better
(rhbz #426009)
2009-12-28 Gerhardus Geldenhuis <>
* docs/yum-versionlock.1: made the page more apropos friendly changed synopsis to specify
2009-12-26 James Antill <>
* plugins/local/ Allow people to ove rpms into and out of
the local dir. manually
2009-12-26 James Antill <>
* plugins/aliases/ Fix yum "" edge case in aliases, BZ
2009-12-22 Seth Vidal <>
Merge branch 'master' of
ssh:// * 'master' of
ssh:// Added
fs-snapshot plugin by Josef Bacik
2009-12-22 Seth Vidal <>
* make sure that noarch pkgs are not listed
twice for each duplicate entry
2009-12-17 Tim Lauridsen <>
* docs/yum-fs-snapshot.1, docs/yum-fs-snapshot.conf.5,
plugins/fs-snapshot/, yum-utils.spec: Added
fs-snapshot plugin by Josef Bacik
2009-12-02 Seth Vidal <>
* don't os.path.normpath() the loc b/c it clips the
double / on http:// :(
2009-12-01 James Antill <>
* Fix passing string flags to formatRequires. BZ
2009-11-26 James Antill <>
* Don't show lots of blank lines in yumdb search
2009-11-24 James Antill <>
* plugins/local/local.conf, plugins/local/ Make local not
as verbose, unless requested
2009-11-24 James Antill <>
* plugins/local/local.conf, plugins/local/, yum-utils.spec:
Add local plugin, so Fedora people can download/etc.
2009-11-24 James Antill <>
* docs/yum-security.8: Minor cleanup for new-packages explanation
2009-11-24 James Antill <>
* docs/package-cleanup.1: Add docs. explaining that orphans ==
2009-11-23 James Antill <>
* Don't rely on returnPackageByDep() to give you
the installed pkg. BZ#539490
2009-11-18 James Antill <>
* plugins/tmprepo/ Let tmprepo create/use tmprepos if
given mirrorlist/metalink
2009-11-18 James Antill <>
* plugins/tmprepo/ Let tmprepo create/use tmprepos if
given repodata/repomd.xml
2009-11-18 James Antill <>
* plugins/tmprepo/ Add yum-plugin-tmprepo to run_with
when using it
2009-11-18 James Antill <>
* plugins/security/ Add yum-plugin-security to run_with
when running update-minimal
2009-11-18 James Antill <>
* plugins/keys/ Fix keys-remove to use
2009-11-16 Seth Vidal <>
Merge branch 'master' of
ssh:// * 'master' of
ssh:// remove
basearch plugin from spec, it is obsoleted by recent version of yum,
truncated changelog to last 2 years updated ChangeLog bumped
yum-utils version to 1.1.24 Fix pylint errors: silence pylint
runtime error noise Fix UnicodeDecodeError with UTF-8 changelog
names. Change update => notice, as that's what we are counting
Add summary-updateinfo command Move running kernel check to it's
own function Add bash completion for repo-graph, repo-rss,
repoclosure and repoquery.
2009-11-16 Seth Vidal <>
* add some checking to
yum-complete-transaction - make sure that the transaction we are
going to run to complete the unfinished transaction is not different
in size than what we were going to run. Helps keep us out of
mistakenly removing everything
2009-11-08 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: remove basearch plugin from spec, it is obsoleted
by recent version of yum, truncated changelog to last 2 years
2009-11-07 Tim Lauridsen <>
* ChangeLog: updated ChangeLog
2009-11-07 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: bumped yum-utils version to 1.1.24
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