Commit 59b17aef authored by Tim Lauridisen's avatar Tim Lauridisen

Added patch by Michael Schwendt to sort repoclosure output

(yum bz# 681)
parent 0f9209a1
...@@ -192,7 +192,12 @@ def main(): ...@@ -192,7 +192,12 @@ def main():'Num Packages in Repos: %s' % num)'Num Packages in Repos: %s' % num)
pkgs = baddeps.keys() pkgs = baddeps.keys()
def sortbyname(a,b):
return cmp(a.__str__(),b.__str__())
for pkg in pkgs: for pkg in pkgs:'package: %s from %s\n unresolved deps: ' % (pkg, pkg.repoid))'package: %s from %s\n unresolved deps: ' % (pkg, pkg.repoid))
for (n, f, v) in baddeps[pkg]: for (n, f, v) in baddeps[pkg]:
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