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updated ChangeLog

parent 7ad8d763
2009-09-02 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: bumped yum-utils version to 1.1.23
2009-08-31 Seth Vidal <>
Merge branch 'master' of
ssh:// * 'master' of
ssh:// If epoch is
none we still want to use version in repoclosure.
2009-08-31 Seth Vidal <>
* make sure we make the list of pkgs to look at
based on the latest pkgsack - complete with pkg deletions of the
2009-08-12 Michael Schwendt <>
* If epoch is none we still want to use version in
2009-08-04 Seth Vidal <>
* plugins/security/ remove timestamp in created
2009-08-03 Seth Vidal <>
* make sure -q silences the repofrom path stuff
closes rh bug #512563
2009-07-28 James Antill <>
* Cleanup tempcache, and fix -C option
2009-07-23 James Antill <>
* plugins/versionlock/ pkgExcluder is all lower(), as excludepkgs/includepkgs are So we
lowercase the versionlock data. It's possible, in theory,
we'll have a false match, but no one should be insane enough
to name things the same apart from case.
2009-07-20 Seth Vidal <>
* docs/repoquery.1: add note to repoquery man page that you must
have srpms in your enabled repos for the archlist=src option to
really do anything
2009-07-17 James Antill <>
* yum-utils.spec: Bump require version for new versionlock
2009-07-16 James Antill <>
* plugins/versionlock/ Add excluderids, so we don't
get N versions
2009-07-16 James Antill <>
* plugins/versionlock/ Move versionlock to use
pkgExcluder, add versionlock command
2009-07-16 James Antill <>
* plugins/security/ Add created timestamps to the
security plugin commands
2009-07-16 James Antill <>
* plugins/aliases/ Add a created timestamp to the alias
2009-07-14 James Antill <>
* plugins/auto-update-debuginfo/ Remove
redundant (and confusing) member access on pkgSack, in auto fix
2009-07-14 James Antill <>
* plugins/auto-update-debuginfo/ Setup
normal repos before we setup new debuginfo. ones, fixes trac/135
2009-07-08 Seth Vidal <>
Merge branch 'master' of
ssh:// * 'master' of
[fastestmirror] Add a patch from Joel Michael to support a
'preferred' mirror (#509479)
2009-07-08 Seth Vidal <>
* fix for bug: - make sure we
don't fail to grab other metadata just b/c groups is not present
2009-07-08 Luke Macken <>
* plugins/fastestmirror/ [fastestmirror] Add a
patch from Joel Michael to support a 'preferred' mirror (#509479)
2009-07-07 Seth Vidal <>
* make repoclosure work with new archstorage class
in yumbase
2009-07-07 Seth Vidal <>
* docs/package-cleanup.1: document exit value if problems are found
in package-cleanup --problems
2009-06-22 James Antill <>
* Use base.setCacheDir() in package-cleanup
2009-06-22 James Antill <>
* Don't setup repos. when doing dupes processing
2009-06-22 James Antill <>
* plugins/changelog/ Don't assume pkgs have sourcerpm,
in changelog plugin
2009-06-08 James Antill <>
* Output a nice message for failed source repos.
in yumdownloader
2009-06-08 James Antill <>
* Sort keys in yumdb info
2009-06-08 James Antill <>
* Use setCacheDir in repoquery
2009-05-28 Seth Vidal <>
* when --nogpgcheck is passed - make sure we turn
off gpg checking on our read ts not just from repos
2009-05-22 Seth Vidal <>
* output a nicer error message when the srpm has an
unknown gpg key
2009-05-19 James Antill <>
* plugins/tmprepo/ Fix tmprepo, when we have option group
2009-05-19 Tim Lauridsen <>
* ChangeLog: updated ChangeLog
2009-05-19 Tim Lauridsen <>
* yum-utils.spec: bumped yum-utils version to 1.1.22
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