Commit 98a138cc authored by Jack Neely's avatar Jack Neely

Current fedorakmod pluging work. Most of the agreed upon functionality

is there and the plugin should be easily extendable.  There seems to
be a Yum bug that's preventing installing a given kmod for all installed
kernels to work properly.  Attempting to track that down.
parent 40e3b2dc
......@@ -5,11 +5,11 @@ packaging standards.
To Do
*) Install kernel modules for all avaliable kernels
*) Install kernel modules for all available kernels
*) Remove kernel modules if matching kernel is removed.
Folks, feel free to patch and add suggestions. It will only help FE kernel
module infrastructure develope faster.
module infrastructure develop faster.
Jack Neely <> -- 07/05/2006
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