Commit a634bcd3 authored by Tim Lauridsen's avatar Tim Lauridsen

Added separate 'test-cleanup' Makefile tag to make it easier to cleaup a

failed 'make test-release'

Use 'make test-release' to test that every thing builds ok.

if something fails then use make 'test-cleanup' to cleanup
parent 06f1aee2
......@@ -61,6 +61,10 @@ test-release:
@git-archive --format=tar --prefix=$(PKGNAME)-$(VERSION).test/ HEAD | gzip -9v >${PKGNAME}-$(VERSION).test.tar.gz
# Build RPMS
@rpmbuild -ta ${PKGNAME}-${VERSION}.test.tar.gz
@$(MAKE) test-cleanup
@rm -rf ${PKGNAME}-${VERSION}.test.tar.gz
@echo "Cleanup the git release-test local branch"
@git checkout -f
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