Commit b12be358 authored by James Antill's avatar James Antill

Fix tmprepo gpgcheck to use the new new, config.

parent 80986f7e
......@@ -34,37 +34,22 @@ import os
import shutil
import time
from yum.config import CaselessSelectionOption
requires_api_version = '2.5'
plugin_type = (TYPE_INTERACTIVE,)
def make_validate(log, gpgcheck):
def make_validate(log, pkgs_gpgcheck, repo_gpgcheck):
def tvalidate(repo):
if gpgcheck != 'none':
if gpgcheck not in ('packages', 'all', 'repo'):
log.warn("GPGcheck set to unknown value: %s" % gpgcheck)
return False
if repo.gpgcheck not in ('packages', 'all', 'repo'):
log.warn("Repo %s GPGcheck set to unknown value: %s" %
(repo, gpgcheck))
return False
if pkgs_gpgcheck or repo_gpgcheck:
# Don't ever allow them to set gpgcheck='false'
if repo.gpgcheck == 'none':
if pkgs_gpgcheck and not repo.gpgcheck:
log.warn("Repo %s tried to set gpgcheck=false" % repo)
return False
# Now do the more complicated comparisons...
if gpgcheck() in ('packages', 'all') and repo.gpgcheck == 'repo':
log.warn("Repo %s tried to set gpgcheck=repository" % repo)
return False
if gpgcheck in ('repo', 'all') and repo.gpgcheck == 'packages':
log.warn("Repo %s tried to set gpgcheck=packages" % repo)
if repo_gpgcheck and not repo.repo_gpgcheck:
log.warn("Repo %s tried to set repo_gpgcheck=false" % repo)
return False
# Don't allow them to set gpgkey=anything
for key in repo.gpgkey:
if not key.startswith('file:/'):
......@@ -115,7 +100,8 @@ def add_dir_repo(base, trepo, cleanup):
name=Tmp. repo. for %(path)s
# Make cost smaller, as we know it's "local" ... if this isn't good just create
# your own .repo file. ... then you won't need to createrepo each run either.
......@@ -167,15 +153,19 @@ def add_repos(base, log, tmp_repos, tvalidate, tlocvalidate, cleanup_dir_temp):
# Just do it all again...
rgpgcheck = 'repo' # Remote
lgpgcheck = 'packages'
rpgpgcheck = True # Remote
rrgpgcheck = True # Remote
lpgpgcheck = True
lrgpgcheck = False
def config_hook(conduit):
Yum Plugin Config Hook:
Add the --tmprepo option.
global rgpgcheck
global lgpgcheck
global rpgpgcheck
global rrgpgcheck
global lpgpgcheck
global lrgpgcheck
global def_tmp_repos_cleanup
parser = conduit.getOptParser()
......@@ -192,21 +182,12 @@ def config_hook(conduit):
help="keep created direcotry based tmp. repos.")
# We default to repository for actual repo files, because that's the most
# secure, but packages for local dirs./files
rgpgcheck = conduit.confString('main', 'remote_gpgcheck', default='repo')
lgpgcheck = conduit.confString('main', 'local_gpgcheck', default='packages')
opt_gpg = CaselessSelectionOption('all',
('none', 'all', 'packages', 'repo'),
{'0' : 'none',
'no' : 'none',
'false' : 'none',
'1' : 'all',
'yes' : 'all',
'true' : 'all',
'pkgs' : 'packages',
'repository' : 'repo'}).parse
rgpgcheck = opt_gpg(rgpgcheck)
lgpgcheck = opt_gpg(lgpgcheck)
rpgpgcheck = conduit.confBool('main', 'pkgs_gpgcheck', default=True)
rrgpgcheck = conduit.confBool('main', 'repo_gpgcheck', default=True)
lpgpgcheck = conduit.confBool('main', 'pkgs_local_gpgcheck',
lrgpgcheck = conduit.confBool('main', 'repo_local_gpgcheck',
def_tmp_repos_cleanup = conduit.confBool('main', 'cleanup', default=False)
_tmprepo_done = False
......@@ -226,6 +207,6 @@ def prereposetup_hook(conduit):
log = logging.getLogger("yum.verbose.main")
add_repos(conduit._base, log, opts.tmp_repos,
make_validate(log, my_gpgcheck),
make_validate(log, my_dgpgcheck),
make_validate(log, rpgpgcheck, rrgpgcheck),
make_validate(log, lpgpgcheck, lrgpgcheck),
not (opts.tmp_repos_cleanup or def_tmp_repos_cleanup))
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