Commit d9a1c3db authored by James Antill's avatar James Antill

Output list-security data in oldest to newest pkgs

parent ae91fab7
......@@ -137,7 +137,7 @@ def ysp_should_show_pkgtup(opts, pkgtup, md_info, used_map, rname=None):
""" Do we want to show this package in list-security. """
name = pkgtup[0]
for (pkgtup, notice) in md_info.get_applicable_notices(pkgtup):
for (pkgtup, notice) in reversed(md_info.get_applicable_notices(pkgtup)):
if rname and not ysp_has_info_md(rname, notice):
if ysp_should_filter_pkg(opts, name, notice, used_map):
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