Commit ecce841f authored by Tim Lauridisen's avatar Tim Lauridisen

updated ChangeLog

parent 0e11de13
2007-03-20 08:03 timlau
* yum-utils.spec: bumped yum-utils version to 1.0.4
2007-03-20 07:57 timlau
*,,,,,,, Made
the utils work with plugins, else they wont work with RHEL5,
where the repos is set by a plugin.
2007-03-13 11:50 timlau
* plugins/skip-broken/: skip-broken.conf, Added
'check_always' option to the skip-broken plugin. Setting
'check_always=1' will make the skip-broken check run every time.
(rhbz #231523) Also merged changes from yum-utils HEAD
2007-02-19 15:27 pmatilai
* plugins/kernel-module/ - fix deprecation warning
2007-02-19 10:00 timlau
* Makefile, yum-utils.spec: - Made 'make release' work with
%{?dist} tag in spec. - 'make ChangeLog' will follow CVS HEAD.
- Added 'archive' dependency to 'make srpm' - Added %{?dist} to
spec file again.
2007-02-19 08:11 timlau
* ChangeLog, Makefile: updated 'make ChangeLog' to follow the
'yum-utils-1_0_X' branch only. Rebuild ChangeLog.
2007-02-19 07:57 timlau
* yum-utils.spec: Updated changelog in spec file
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