Commit f379a365 authored by Jack Neely's avatar Jack Neely

Make pinkernels default to off.

parent 2479af38
enabled = 1
pinkernels = 1
pinkernels = 0
......@@ -20,10 +20,9 @@
# along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
# Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.
import rpm
from sets import Set
from rpmUtils.miscutils import *
import rpmUtils
from yum import packages
from yum.constants import TS_INSTALL
from yum.plugins import TYPE_CORE, PluginYumExit
......@@ -34,56 +33,12 @@ plugin_type = (TYPE_CORE,)
kernelProvides = Set([ "kernel-%s" % a for a in rpmUtils.arch.arches.keys() ])
def flagToString(flags):
# <shoving something pointy in my eye>
return 'GE'
if flags & rpm.RPMSENSE_EQUAL & rpm.RPMSENSE_LESS:
return 'LE'
if flags & rpm.RPMSENSE_EQUAL:
return 'EQ'
if flags & rpm.RPMSENSE_GREATER:
return 'GT'
if flags & rpm.RPMSENSE_LESS:
return 'LT'
# </shoving something pointy in my eye>
# I'm screwed
return flags
def populatePrco(po, hdr):
"Populate the package object with the needed PRCO interface."
# Apperently, Yum actually never takes the hdr object and uses it
# to populate the prco information
# prco['foo'] looks like (name, flag, (e,v,r))
name = hdr[getattr(rpm, 'RPMTAG_%sNAME' % tag)]
list = hdr[getattr(rpm, 'RPMTAG_%sFLAGS' % tag)]
flag = [ flagToString(i) for i in list ]
list = hdr[getattr(rpm, 'RPMTAG_%sVERSION' % tag)]
vers = [ stringToVersion(i) for i in list ]
prcotype = tag.lower() + 's'
if name is not None:
po.prco[prcotype] = zip(name, flag, vers)
po.prco[prcotype] = []
return po
def package(c, tuple):
rpmdb = c.getRpmDB()
# XXX: When RPM leaves dup NEVRA's??
hdr = rpmdb.returnHeaderByTuple(tuple)[0]
po = packages.YumInstalledPackage(hdr)
populatePrco(po, hdr)
return po
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