Commit 626c5801 authored by Phil Pennock's avatar Phil Pennock

32143: Fix --enable-custom-patchlevel name in INSTALL

parent b9da4efe
2013-12-17 Phil Pennock <>
* 32143: INSTALL: Fix --enable-custom-patchlevel name in INSTALL
2013-12-16 Barton E. Schaefer <>
* Jun Takimoto: 32137: Test/comptest: set pseudo-terminal speed to
......@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ Modified versions of zsh
If you are making local modifications to zsh, you are strongly
advised to configure with the option
so that the variable $ZSH_PATCHLEVEL indicates this is not a standard
version of the shell. The argument is arbitrary, but should indicate
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