Commit 6ec8cfde authored by Marc Finet's avatar Marc Finet Committed by Frank Terbeck

33149: vcs_info examples: fix typo

parent 03e53c8f
2014-09-14 Marc Finet <>
* 33149: Misc/vcs_info-examples: vcs_info examples: fix typo
2014-09-12 Barton E. Schaefer <>
* 33143: Src/init.c: POSIX_ARGZERO more closely matches bash et al.
......@@ -301,7 +301,7 @@ zstyle ':vcs_info:*+pre-get-data:*' hooks pre-get-data
# If we got to this point, running vcs_info was not forced, so now we
# default to not running it and selectively choose when we want to run
# it (ret=1 means run it, ret=0 means don't).
# it (ret=0 means run it, ret=1 means don't).
# If a git/hg command was run then run vcs_info as the status might
# need to be updated.
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