Commit 7b97d4f7 authored by dana's avatar dana

44033: Add completion for dos2unix/unix2dos

parent ed4c8f3d
2019-02-03 dana <>
* 44033: Completion/Unix/Command/_dos2unix: Add completion for
* 44030: Src/prompt.c, Test/D01prompt.ztst: Return error for
unrecognised colour name
#compdef dos2unix unix2dos mac2unix unix2mac
local variant ret=1
local -a context expl line state state_descr cp_opts xl_opts args
local -A opt_args
# Code-page options for ISO translation (use group `cp`)
'(-7 -ascii)-437[use DOS code page 437 (US) for ISO translation]'
'(-7 -ascii)-850[use DOS code page 850 (Western European) for ISO translation]'
'(-7 -ascii)-860[use DOS code page 860 (Portuguese) for ISO translation]'
'(-7 -ascii)-863[use DOS code page 863 (French Canadian) for ISO translation]'
'(-7 -ascii)-865[use DOS code page 865 (Nordic) for ISO translation]'
'(-7 -ascii)-1252[use Windows code page 1252 (Western European) for ISO translation]'
# Translation/conversion options (use group `xl`)
'(cp)-7[also replace 8-bit characters by 7-bit spaces]'
'(cp)-ascii[convert only line breaks (CRLF<->LF)]'
'-iso[also convert between DOS and ISO character sets]'
{-c,--convmode}'[specify conversion mode]:conversion mode:((
7bit\:"also replace 8-bit characters by 7-bit spaces"
ascii\:"convert only line breaks (CRLF<->LF)"
iso\:"also convert between DOS and ISO character sets"
mac\:"convert only line breaks (CR<->LF)"
{-ub,--assume-utf16be}'[assume input file format is UTF-16BE]'
{-ul,--assume-utf16le}'[assume input file format is UTF-16LE]'
# `dos2unix` here is the dos2unix package provided by many Linux distributions,
# Homebrew, &al. `unix2dos` is the unix2dos package provided by FreeBSD, &al.
# Some implementations (Solaris) don't bother with any kind of argument
# validation, so we pass in /dev/null to make sure they never hang
_pick_variant -r variant \
dos2unix='(#i)waterlan' \
unix2dos='-p' \
--version /dev/null{,}
case $variant in
# -D and -gb are omitted, since they only make sense on Windows
'(: * -)'{-h,--help}'[display help information]'
'(: * -)'{-L,--license}'[display license information]'
'(: * -)'{-V,--version}'[display version information]'
'(-l --newline)'{-l,--newline}'[write two line breaks to output for each converted line break]'
'(-u --keep-utf16)'{-u,--keep-utf16}'[write output in same UTF-16 encoding as input]'
'*:: :->file'
+ '(qv)' # Verbosity options
{-q,--quiet}'[reduce output verbosity]'
{-v,--verbose}'[increase output verbosity]'
+ '(cp)' # Code-page options
+ '(xl)' # Translation/conversion options
+ bm # BOM options
'(-b -r --keep-bom --remove-bom)'{-b,--keep-bom}'[write existing BOM to output]'
'(-m -r --add-bom --remove-bom)'{-m,--add-bom}'[write new BOM to output]'
'(bm)'{-r,--remove-bom}"[don't write BOM to output]"
+ '(ch)' # chown options
'--allow-chown[allow file-ownership changes in old-file mode]'
"--no-allow-chown[don't allow file-ownership changes in old-file mode]"
+ '(fs)' # Force/safe options
{-f,--force}'[force conversion of binary files]'
{-s,--safe}'[skip binary files]'
+ '(in)' # Info options
{-i-,--info=-}'[display (specified) file information]:: :->info'
+ '(ln)' # Symlink options
{-F,--follow-symlink}'[follow symbolic links]'
{-R,--replace-symlink}'[replace symbolic links]'
{-S,--skip-symlink}'[skip symbolic links]'
+ '(no)' # File-mode options
{-n,--newfile}'[convert each input file to specified output file]'
{-o,--oldfile}'[convert input files in place]'
# No stacking!
_arguments -S -A '-*' : $args && ret=0
case $state in
if (( CURRENT % 2 == 0 )) && [[ -n ${opt_args[(I)*-(-n|--newfile)]} ]]; then
_description files expl 'output file'
_description files expl 'input file'
_files "${(@)expl}" && ret=0
_values -s '' 'information flag [dumbt]' \
'0[end each output line with NUL instead of newline]' \
'b[show BOM type]' \
'c[show only files that would be converted]' \
'd[show number of DOS line breaks (CRLF)]' \
'h[show header]' \
'm[show number of Mac line breaks (CR)]' \
'p[show file names without paths]' \
't[show whether file is text or binary]' \
'u[show number of UNIX line breaks (LF)]' \
&& ret=0
return ret
_arguments -s -S -A '-*' : \
'-p[preserve access and modification times]' \
'*:input file:_files'
_arguments -A '-*' : \
'1:input file:_files' \
'2:output file:_files' \
+ '(cp)' \
${(@M)cp_opts:#(|\([^\)]#\))-(437|850|860|863|865)(|\[*)} \
+ '(xl)' \
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