Commit 946e5d89 authored by Peter Stephenson's avatar Peter Stephenson

users/20466 plus comment: change test for skipping strftime extensions.

This test is known to fail on Solaris, but seems to work in other
common implementations.  Hence there seems no point in having the
release fall over on this test.  Needs further investigation later.
parent 095dd71c
2015-08-28 Peter Stephenson <>
* users/20466: Test/V09datetime.ztst: make test for skipping
strftime extention tests one that is known to fail on
Solaris. Reason is not yet known, but there's no current
evidence for a shell bug so replace the failure by skipping
test for the release.
2015-08-28 Mikael Magnusson <>
* 36302: Src/Modules/attr.c: Fix compilation with libcap 2.24
......@@ -8,7 +8,10 @@
unset LC_ALL
[[ "$(strftime %04y 1)" = "0070" ]] || skip_extensions=1
# It's not clear this skip_extensions is correct, but the
# format in question is causing problems on Solaris.
# We'll revist this after the release.
[[ "$(strftime %^_10B 0)" = " JANUARY" ]] || skip_extensions=1
[[ "$(LC_TIME=ja_JP.UTF-8 strftime %OS 1)" = 一 ]] || skip_japanese=1
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