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README.Debian: Add instructions how to use the zsh-dbg package.

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Zsh for Debian
This version of zsh has been compiled with support for maildir
folders in MAIL and MAILPATH.
Clint Adams <>
-- Clint Adams <>
How to use the zsh-dbg package
In the first terminal execute:
sudo apt-get install zsh-dbg
apt-get source zsh
cd zsh-*
In the second terminal invoke 'zsh -f' (or drop the '-f' if you
don't want to start with a clean Zsh session). Execute all the
relevant steps right *before* you can trigger the problem you
want to inspect using gdb.
Return to the first terminal where you're standing in Zsh's
source directory. Identify the process id of the Zsh instance
you want to debug ("ps aux | grep '[z]sh'") and use it for $PID.
Then execute:
gdb $(find . -type d -printf '-d %p ') attach $PID
Now you can use the usual gdb commands like step / continue / ...
to debug the Zsh process at source level.
-- Michael Prokop <>
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