Commit ae4b39d5 authored by Michael Prokop's avatar Michael Prokop

provide debian/gbp.conf for git-buildpackage and friends

Simplify (automated) building via git-buildpackage by shipping
an according debian/gbp.conf configuration file.
parent add75037
# Configuration file for git-buildpackage and friends
upstream-branch = zsh-4.3.12
debian-branch = debian
upstream-tree = branch
# Options only affecting git-dch
id-length = 7
meta = True
......@@ -381,6 +381,13 @@
in later git-dch runs.
*** Update debian/gbp.conf
The debian/gbp.conf file contains a reference pointing to the upstream
branch. Therefore the upstream-branch configuration inside debian/gbp.conf
needs to be adjusted for new upstream releases.
*** Fix outstanding bug
If *any* outstanding bugs are known, they should be fixed before
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