Commit cba1d41f authored by Peter Stephenson's avatar Peter Stephenson

2037: ${functions[foo]} shouldn't be unmetafied.

When passed back from the parameter-specific "get" handler it's
still in the shell's internals, so remains metafied.

This caused mayhem with UTF-8 characters in function bodies.
parent da603d0a
2015-05-29 Peter Stephenson <>
* 20237: Src/Modules/parameter.c: $unctions[foo] shouldn't be
unmetafied when passed as parameter body.
2015-05-28 Daniel Hahler <>
* 35098: Completion/Unix/Command/_git: provide --amend also with
......@@ -410,11 +410,6 @@ getfunction(UNUSED(HashTable ht), const char *name, int dis)
} else
h = dyncat(start, t);
* TBD: Is this unmetafy correct? Surely as this
* is a parameter value it stays metafied?
unmetafy(h, NULL);
if (shf->redir) {
t = getpermtext(shf->redir, NULL, 1);
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