Commit fb744bb5 authored by dana's avatar dana

unposted: Update release instructions

parent b70919e0
2018-01-27 dana <>
* unposted: Etc/creating-a-release.txt: Document additional
release steps
* 44020: Functions/VCS_Info/Backends/VCS_INFO_detect_p4: Fix
infinite recursion
......@@ -17,7 +17,7 @@ To create a zsh release:
- Commit those changes with an "unposted" ChangeLog entry.
git commit -am "Test release: 5.5.1-test-1." &&
git commit -am "Test release: 5.5.1-test-1." &&
zshdev-add-nnnnn-and-changelog unposted
# (Everyone has a different way of getting the "unposted" magic string
# into ChangeLog and the log message. This script is how I do it; YMMV;
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ To create a zsh release:
git checkout zsh-5.5.1-test-1
git diff HEAD # ensure no local mods
rm -f Doc/help.txt Doc/help/[_a-zA-Z0-9]* # some devs have had issues with these
Util/preconfig && ./configure ...
make -C Etc
make -C Doc everything
......@@ -55,7 +56,46 @@ To create a zsh release:
Stable releases to zsh/ and zsh-doc/.
After uploading, select the tar.xz artifact, press the 🛈 button ("View Details") to its right, and press [Select All] next to "Default Download For:". This should cause to offer that artifact in the "Looking for the latest version?" line.
- Upload to
- If the new release is a stable release, update
# Move into the 'web' repository mentioned above
cd /path/to/web/repo
git pull
# Review the README, in case there is any new information there
# Run release.zsh to update the documentation from the main repository
# (making sure you still have checked out the tag you created!)
ZSHPATH=/path/to/zsh/repo ./release.zsh
# Commit changes
git commit -am 'Doc, FAQ, Intro: Update for <version>' # replace <version>
# Update the files mentioned in the release.zsh instructions (just
# adhere to the existing structure/format)
$EDITOR index.html
$EDITOR News/index.html
$EDITOR releases.html
# Run release-update-versions.zsh to update the names and sizes of the
# files listed on the documentation index and source page
./release-update-versions.zsh <version> # replace <version>
# Commit changes
git commit -am 'Update downloads, notes, etc., for <version>' # replace <version>
# Tag and push changes
git tag -sm 'Release of zsh <version>' zsh-<version> # replace <version>
git push
# Post changes; see web/README for the full rsync command. When in
# doubt, use `rsync -n` to perform a dry run. Note that changes may take
# several minutes to appear afterwards
rsync ...
- Upload the build artefacts to; you may need assistance from
another dev if you don't have access to do this.
- Post to -workers@
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