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      Remove pre-#768937 legacy code from zsh{,-dev,-dbg,-doc}.postinst · 6fad76ca
      Axel Beckert authored
      Thanks to lintian for making me aware of this via its (experimental)
      maintainer-script-may-use-dir_to_symlink_helper warning.
      Actually these (now removed) code snippets did even the opposite of
      what is defined in debian/*.maintscript for the according arch:any
      packages. Either the failing rmdir saved us from the symlink being set
      or the debian/*.maintscript generated snippets coming after the now
      removed snippets fixed it just immediately again.
      The only arch:all package in this list is zsh-doc which still has a
      symlink /usr/share/doc/zsh-doc to zsh-common. But since this change
      (in 5.0.2-3) predates Jessie as well as Trusty, we should be able to
      safely remove that code now anyways.
      If for some reason, this commit is starting troubles with zsh-doc
      upgrades, you might want to add a file named
      debian/zsh-doc.maintscript to the source package and put this single
      line (without the leading spaces) into it:
        dir_to_symlink /usr/share/doc/zsh-doc zsh-common 5.0.2-3~
      This line is untested though.
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