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    provide debian/gbp.conf for automated building · ffbeaf99
    Michael Prokop authored
    Sadly it seems we've to hardcode the "zsh-4.3.12" as upstream-branch
    if we don't following common git-buildpackage conventions.
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    drop debian/source/local-options · 1ef71b64
    Michael Prokop authored
    We're patching upstream code in debian/patches.
    Building the package otherwise fails with:
    | dpkg-source: info: local changes stored in source/debian/patches/debian-changes-4.3.12-2~9.gbpa04a54, the modified files are:
    | source/Completion/Debian/Command/_apt
    | source/Completion/Debian/Command/_aptitude
    | source/Completion/Unix/Command/_git
    | dpkg-source: error: aborting due to --abort-on-upstream-changes
# Configuration file for git-buildpackage and friends
upstream-branch = zsh-4.3.12
debian-branch = debian
upstream-tree = branch
# Options only affecting git-dch
id-length = 7
meta = True