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    * patches/10_manpages.dpatch: eliminate some GROFF errors. · 2e3532c5
    Nicholas Breen authored
    * man/mdrun_mpi.*.1: resync against new upstream mdrun.1.
    * man/demux.1, man/xplor2gmx.1: new pages (no upstream docs).
    * man/average.1: delete - binary no longer shipped.
      - man/gromacs.7: edit accordingly.
    * patches/11_readme.dpatch: provide reference for GROMACS 4 paper.
    * rules: rename xplor2gmx.pl, demux.pl without their .pl extensions;
      install their man pages *without* _d variants; move --with-gsl config
      parameter to the non-MPI builds only.
    * gromacs.README.Debian: mention xplor2gmx, demux renaming.
    * lintian-overrides.gromacs: update list of man pages.
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