Commit 5900098c authored by Nicholas Breen's avatar Nicholas Breen

extend gtest-death-patch to exclude x32; switch to explicit invocation of...

extend gtest-death-patch to exclude x32; switch to explicit invocation of CTest and increase verbosity
parent b3bbbdae
gromacs (2018-2) unstable; urgency=medium
* Extend gtest-death-test.patch to exclude x32. This addresses #887340
but is not a complete fix. Thanks to Aaron Ucko for testing assistance.
* Increase CTest verbosity level.
-- Nicholas Breen <> Sat, 20 Jan 2018 11:31:44 -0800
gromacs (2018-1) unstable; urgency=low
* New upstream release.
Description: Conditionally disable death tests
This test is unavailable on Hurd/kFreeBSD, and in this version is known to
have threading problems on x32.
Author: Nicholas Breen
Origin: vendor
Last-Update: 2018-01-20
This patch header follows DEP-3:
Index: gromacs/src/gromacs/gpu_utils/tests/hostallocator.cpp
--- gromacs.orig/src/gromacs/gpu_utils/tests/hostallocator.cpp
......@@ -6,7 +14,7 @@ Index: gromacs/src/gromacs/gpu_utils/tests/hostallocator.cpp
+#if defined (GTEST_HAS_DEATH_TEST) && ! ( defined (__ILP32__) && defined (__x86__64__) )
TYPED_TEST(HostAllocatorTest, ChangingPinningPolicyRequiresCuda)
typename TestFixture::VectorType input;
......@@ -94,6 +94,9 @@ ifneq (,$(filter parallel=%,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
export GTEST_COLOR=no
configure: configure-stamp
......@@ -120,8 +123,10 @@ build-basic: configure-stamp
$(MAKE) -C build/basic
$(MAKE) -C build/basic-dp
ifeq (,$(filter nocheck,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/basic/lib $(MAKE) -C build/basic check
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/basic-dp/lib $(MAKE) -C build/basic-dp check
$(MAKE) -C build/basic tests
(cd build/basic; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/basic/lib ctest -V)
$(MAKE) -C build/basic-dp tests
(cd build/basic-dp; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/basic-dp/lib ctest -V)
touch $@
......@@ -143,12 +148,14 @@ build-mpich: configure-stamp
$(MAKE) -C build/mpich
$(MAKE) -C build/mpich-dp
sed -e 's/#MPIABBR#/mpich/g' -e 's/#MPIPROG#/MPICH2/g' \
sed -e 's/#MPIABBR#/mpich/g' -e 's/#MPIPROG#/MPICH/g' \
< debian/ \
> debian/gromacs-mpich.README.Debian
ifeq (,$(filter nocheck,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/mpich/lib $(MAKE) -C build/mpich check
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/mpich-dp/lib $(MAKE) -C build/mpich-dp check
$(MAKE) -C build/mpich tests
(cd build/mpich; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/mpich/lib ctest -V)
$(MAKE) -C build/mpich-dp tests
(cd build/mpich-dp ; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/mpich-dp/lib ctest -V)
touch $@
......@@ -163,9 +170,18 @@ ifeq (,$(filter nocheck,$(DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS)))
ifeq ($(DEB_HOST_ARCH_OS), linux)
# above ifeq..linux: See for background,
# seems to have a specific non-fakeroot failure on hurd/kfreebsd as well?
# OMPI...: See
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/openmpi/lib OMPI_MCA_plm_rsh_agent=/bin/false $(MAKE) -C build/openmpi check
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/openmpi-dp/lib OMPI_MCA_plm_rsh_agent=/bin/false $(MAKE) -C build/openmpi-dp check
# rsh_agent:
# oversubscribe:
$(MAKE) -C build/openmpi tests
(cd build/openmpi ; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/openmpi/lib \
OMPI_MCA_plm_rsh_agent=/bin/false \
OMPI_MCA_rmaps_base_oversubscribe=1 \
ctest -V)
$(MAKE) -C build/openmpi-dp tests
(cd build/openmpi-dp ; LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$(CURDIR)/build/openmpi-dp/lib \
OMPI_MCA_plm_rsh_agent=/bin/false \
OMPI_MCA_rmaps_base_oversubscribe=1 \
ctest -V)
touch $@
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