Commit e585c0a7 authored by Nicholas Breen's avatar Nicholas Breen

Eliminate double invocation of dh_prep, don't compress PDF documentation (it...

Eliminate double invocation of dh_prep, don't compress PDF documentation (it breaks the link), move cmake templates to -dev
parent f746446b
gromacs (5.1-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=medium
gromacs (5.1-1) UNRELEASED; urgency=low
* New upstream release. This release completes the transition to "gmx"
as the sole binary to replace all the former g_* commands, and the
compatibility symlinks have been removed.
* Some package reshuffling: gromacs-dev becomes libgromacs-dev, and the
shared library gets split out into libgromacs0. (Closes: #797744)
Upload priority set to "low" due to the unusually extensive restructure.
* Remove gromacs-dev.preinst, only needed for upgrades from well before
the version in squeeze.
* Lots more documentation! PDF manual is built once again, and doxygen
output for developer use is included. Several Build-Depends-Indep
entries added to support this.
- patches/manpage-hyphenation.patch removed, no longer needed.
-- Nicholas Breen <> Sat, 26 Sep 2015 15:07:40 -0700
......@@ -195,12 +195,13 @@ install: build-arch install-basic install-mpich install-openmpi
# remaining documentation catch-all
mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gromacs/usr/share/gromacs/* $(CURDIR)/debian/gromacs-data/usr/share/doc/gromacs
-rmdir $(CURDIR)/debian/gromacs/usr/share/gromacs
# what are you doing here?
mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gromacs/usr/share/cmake $(CURDIR)/debian/libgromacs-dev/usr/share/gromacs/
dh_lintian -pgromacs -pgromacs-data -plibgromacs1
install-manual: build-manual
install-manual: build-manual install
dh_prep -pgromacs-data
dh_installdirs -pgromacs-data
dh_install -pgromacs-data
install-basic: build-arch
......@@ -248,7 +249,7 @@ binary-indep: build-arch build-indep install install-manual
dh_installchangelogs -i
dh_installdocs -pgromacs-data
dh_compress -i
dh_compress -i -X.pdf
dh_fixperms -i
dh_installdeb -i
dh_gencontrol -i
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