Commit 8f75f20d authored by Daniel Leidert's avatar Daniel Leidert

Put README.junk into junk.git. This also solves, that master would be empty

parent 352a8a11
......@@ -361,6 +361,13 @@ match /[^/]+/(bkchem|chemical-structures|gchempaint|gelemental|ghemical|gromacs|
branch \1
end match
# this also solves, that master would be empty otherwise
match /tools/svn2git/(README.junk)$
repository junk
branch master
prefix \1
end match
# aces2 seems to have some pre-work in wnpp/aces2/, which got deleted in r3722
# but seems to be non-connected (no merge, no copy) to unstable/aces2/, the
# current packaging dir
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