Commit e1a2b1f1 authored by Reiner Herrmann's avatar Reiner Herrmann

Fix filename of header for (f)statvfs

Closes: #842945
parent 4a625663
Author: Reiner Herrmann <>
Description: Fix name of (f)statvfs header
--- a/deheader
+++ b/deheader
@@ -364,8 +364,8 @@
# fstat - get file status
(r"fstat()", ["<sys/types.h>", "<sys/stat.h>"]),
# fstatvfs, statvfs - get file system information
- (r"fstatvfs()", ["<sys/fstatvfs.h>"]),
- (r"statvfs()", ["<sys/fstatvfs.h>"]),
+ (r"fstatvfs()", ["<sys/statvfs.h>"]),
+ (r"statvfs()", ["<sys/statvfs.h>"]),
# fsync - synchronise changes to a file
(r"fsync()", ["<unistd.h>"]),
# ftell, ftello - return a file offset in a stream
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