Commit fd318bac authored by Simon McVittie's avatar Simon McVittie

debc: List any architecture's packages

If you have a merged changes file for amd64 and i386 or similar, it
seems reasonable to list the contents of any package, even if it would
not be installable on the current system (similar to the way we list
udebs even though only d-i can install those).
Signed-off-by: Simon McVittie's avatarSimon McVittie <>
parent d513cffd
......@@ -366,7 +366,7 @@ for (split(/\n/, $ctrl->{Files})) {
my $deb = $1;
$deb =~ /^([a-z0-9+\.-]+)_/ or warn "unrecognised .deb name: $deb\n";
# don't want other archs' .debs:
next unless $deb =~ /[_+]($arch|all)[\.+]/;
next unless $deb =~ /[_+]($arch|all)[\.+]/ || $progname eq 'debc';
my $pkg = $deb;
$pkg =~ s/_.*$//;
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