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    update gnulib/argp-help.c to fix garbage in grub-mknetdir --help output · 8842991a
    Andrei Borzenkov authored
    argp_help attempts to translate empty string, which results in printing
    meta information about translation, like in
    bor@opensuse:~/build/grub> grub2-mknetdir --help
    Использование: grub2-mknetdir [ПАРАМЕТР…]
    Project-Id-Version: grub 2.02-pre2
    Report-Msgid-Bugs-To: bug-grub@gnu.org
    Update gnulib/argp-help.c to the current version which fixes this
    (commit b9bfe78424b871f5b92e5ee9e7d21ef951a6801d).
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