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    Bail out if trying to run grub-mkconfig during upgrade to 2.00 · bc5248a3
    Colin Watson authored
    Since files in /etc/grub.d/ are conffiles, they are not put in place
    until grub-common is configured, meaning that they may be out of sync
    with the parts of grub-mkconfig that reside in /usr/.  In GRUB 1.99,
    /etc/grub.d/00_header contained a reference to ${GRUB_PREFIX}/video.lst.
    This and other code from 1.99 breaks with 2.00's grub-mkconfig.
    Deferring this to when grub-PLATFORM.postinst eventually runs is safe
    and avoids this problem.
    Forwarded: no
    Last-Update: 2013-12-25
    Patch-Name: mkconfig_mid_upgrade.patch
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