Commit 512bb31c authored by Vladimir Serbinenko's avatar Vladimir Serbinenko

Whitelist sparc64-ieee1275 as having no video modules.

ieee1275_fb is not built on sparc64 due to virtual address issues.
parent 2fb8cd26
......@@ -129,6 +129,7 @@ struct platform_whitelist {
static struct platform_whitelist whitelists[] = {
{"i386", "xen", (const char *[]) {"all_video", 0}},
{"x86_64", "xen", (const char *[]) {"all_video", 0}},
{"sparc64", "ieee1275", (const char *[]) {"all_video", 0}},
/* video is compiled-in on MIPS. */
{"mipsel", "loongson", (const char *[]) {"all_video", 0}},
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