Commit 9c74a9d2 authored by Robert Millan's avatar Robert Millan Committed by Colin Watson

Support running grub-probe in grub-legacy's update-grub

Author: Colin Watson <>
Forwarded: not-needed
Last-Update: 2013-12-25

Patch-Name: grub_legacy_0_based_partitions.patch
parent 19fa6f0b
......@@ -245,6 +245,20 @@ find_partition (grub_disk_t dsk __attribute__ ((unused)),
if (ctx->start == part_start)
/* This is dreadfully hardcoded, but there's a limit to what GRUB
Legacy was able to deal with anyway. */
if (partition->parent)
/* Probably a BSD slice. */
ctx->partname = xasprintf ("%d,%d", partition->parent->number,
partition->number + 1);
ctx->partname = xasprintf ("%d", partition->number);
return 1;
ctx->partname = grub_partition_get_name (partition);
return 1;
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