Commit e1c8c0fd authored by Leif Lindholm's avatar Leif Lindholm Committed by Colin Watson

efi: change heap allocation type to GRUB_EFI_LOADER_CODE

With upcoming changes to EDK2, allocations of type EFI_LOADER_DATA may
not return regions with execute ability. Since modules are loaded onto
the heap, change the heap allocation type to GRUB_EFI_LOADER_CODE in
order to permit execution on systems with this feature enabled.

Closes: 50420
Signed-off-by: 's avatarLeif Lindholm <>

Origin: upstream,
Last-Update: 2018-12-06

Patch-Name: efi-change-heap-allocation-type.patch
parent 0208f2d6
......@@ -435,7 +435,9 @@ add_memory_regions (grub_efi_memory_descriptor_t *memory_map,
pages = required_pages;
addr = grub_efi_allocate_fixed (start, pages);
addr = grub_efi_allocate_pages_real (start, pages,
if (! addr)
grub_fatal ("cannot allocate conventional memory %p with %u pages",
(void *) ((grub_addr_t) start),
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