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      2009-07-19 Pavel Roskin <proski@gnu.org> · 5680109e
      proski authored
      	* Makefile.in: Remove LIBLZO and enable_lzo.
      	* conf/i386-pc.rmk: Remove lzo support.
      	* configure.ac: Remove checks for lzo, don't define ENABLE_LZMA.
      	* include/grub/i386/pc/kernel.h: Define ENABLE_LZMA.  Remove lzo
      	* kern/i386/pc/lzo1x.S: Remove.
      	* kern/i386/pc/startup.S: Remove lzo support.
      	* util/i386/pc/grub-mkimage.c: Likewise.
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      2006-08-04 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 1064790d
      okuji authored
              Move the prototypes of grub_setjmp and grub_longjmp to
              cpu/setjmp.h, so that each architecture may specify different
              * include/grub/i386/setjmp.h (grub_setjmp): New prototype.
              (grub_longjmp): Likewise.
              * include/grub/powerpc/setjmp.h (grub_setjmp): Likewise..
              (grub_longjmp): Likewise.
              * include/grub/sparc64/setjmp.h (grub_setjmp): Likewise..
              (grub_longjmp): Likewise.
              * include/grub/setjmp.h [!GRUB_UTIL] (grub_setjmp): Removed.
              [!GRUB_UTIL] (grub_longjmp): Removed.
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  11. 13 Jun, 2006 1 commit
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      2006-06-14 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 4889bdec
      okuji authored
              * util/misc.c: Include config.h.
              [!HAVE_MEMALIGN]: Do not include malloc.h.
              (grub_memalign): Use posix_memalign, if present. Then, use
              memalign, if present. Otherwise, emit an error.
              * util/grub-emu.c: Do not include malloc.h.
              * include/grub/util/misc.h: Include unistd.h. This is required for
              FreeBSD, because off_t is defined in unistd.h. Reported by Harley
              D. Eades III <hde@foobar-qux.org>.
              * configure.ac (AC_GNU_SOURCE): Added.
              (AC_CHECK_FUNCS): Check posix_memalign and memalign for the host
  12. 08 May, 2006 1 commit
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      2006-05-08 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 05568c2e
      okuji authored
              Add --with-platform to configure. Use pkglibdir instead of
              pkgdatadir. This is reported by Roger Leigh.
              * util/powerpc/ieee1275/grub-install.in (datadir): Removed.
              (host_vendor): Likewise.
              (host_os): Likewise.
              (pkgdatadir): Likewise.
              (platform): New variable.
              (pkglibdir): Likewise.
              Use PKGLIBDIR instead of PKGDATADIR.
              * util/i386/pc/grub-install.in (datadir): Removed.
              (host_vendor): Likewise.
              (host_os): Likewise.
              (pkgdatadir): Likewise.
              (platform): New variable.
              (pkglibdir): Likewise.
              Use PKGLIBDIR instead of PKGDATADIR.
              * util/powerpc/ieee1275/grub-mkimage.c (usage): Use GRUB_LIBDIR
              instead of GRUB_DATADIR.
              (main): Likewise.
              * util/i386/pc/grub-mkimage.c (usage): Likewise.
              (main): Likewise.
              * util/i386/efi/grub-mkimage.c (usage): Likewise.
              (main): Likewise.
              * configure.ac (--with-platform): New option.
              Use PLATFORM instead of HOST_VENDOR to specify a platform.
              * Makefile.in: Include a makefile based on PLATFORM instead of
              (pkgdatadir): Not appended by the machine type.
              (pkglibdir): Appended by the machine type.
              (host_vendor): Removed.
              (platform): New variable.
              (BUILD_CPPFLAGS): Specify GRUB_LIBDIR instead of GRUB_DATADIR.
              (install-local): Use PKGLIBDIR instead of PKGDATADIR.
              (uninstall): Likewise.
  13. 03 Sep, 2005 1 commit
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      2005-09-03 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 47d2d65e
      okuji authored
              * normal/completion.c (complete_arguments): Add the qualifier
              const into OPTIONS.
              From Omniflux <omniflux+lists@omniflux.com>:
              * include/grub/terminfo.h: New file.
              * include/grub/tparm.h: Likewise.
              * include/grub/i386/pc/serial.h: Likewise.
              * term/terminfo.c: Likewise.
              * term/tparm.c: Likewise.
              * term/i386/pc/serial.c: Likewise.
              * conf/i386-pc.rmk (pkgdata_MODULES): Added terminfo.mod and
              (terminfo_mod_SOURCES): New variable.
              (terminfo_mod_CFLAGS): Likewise.
              (serial_mod_SOURCES): Likewise.
              (serial_mod_CFLAGS): Likewise.
  14. 08 Aug, 2005 2 commits
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      There were two Vladimir Serbinenko. · 3545ce3a
      okuji authored
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      2005-08-08 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 4ac9bd04
      okuji authored
              * Makefile.in (LIBLZO): New variable.
              * configure.ac: Check for LZO version 2.
              * util/i386/pc/grub-mkimage.c [HAVE_LZO_LZO1X_H]: Include
              lzo/lzo1x.h instead of lzo1x.h.
              * conf/i386-pc.rmk (grub_mkimage_LDFLAGS): Use $(LIBLZO) instead
              of -llzo.
              * util/i386/pc/grub-setup.c (main): Do not free PREFIX
              twice. Reported by Vladimir Serbinenko <phcoder@gmail.com>.
              * partmap/pc.c (pc_partition_map_probe): Restore P->DATA after
              copying the data from PARTITION to P.
  15. 31 Jul, 2005 1 commit
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      2005-07-31 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · ea409713
      okuji authored
      	* loader/i386/pc/multiboot.c (grub_multiboot_is_elf32): New
      	(grub_multiboot_load_elf32): Likewise.
      	(grub_multiboot_is_elf64): Likewise.
      	(grub_multiboot_load_elf64): Likewise.
      	(grub_multiboot_load_elf): Likewise.
      	(grub_rescue_cmd_multiboot): Call grub_multiboot_load_elf to load
      	an ELF32 or ELF64 file.
      	This is based on a patch from Ruslan Nikolaev <nruslan@mail.com>.
      	From Serbinenko Vladimir <serbinenko.vova@list.ru>:
      	* kern/disk.c (grub_print_partinfo): Check if FS->LABEL is not
      	NULL before calling FS->LABEL.
      	* fs/fat.c (grub_fat_dir): Initialize DIRNAME to NULL.
      	* commands/ls.c (grub_ls_list_files): Show labels, if possible.
      	(grub_ls_list_disks): Check if FS and FS->LABEL are not NULL
      	before calling FS->LABEL.
  16. 23 Jun, 2005 1 commit
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      2005-06-23 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 50b5a0a7
      okuji authored
              * kern/mm.c (grub_free): If the next free block which is being
              merged is the first free block, set the first block to the block
              being freed.
              Reported by Vincent Guffens <guffens@inma.ucl.ac.be>.
  17. 18 Mar, 2005 1 commit
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      2005-03-18 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 46b3b8a5
      okuji authored
        * fs/fat.c (grub_fat_mount): Ignore the 3rd bit of a media
        descriptor. This is ported from GRUB Legacy.
        * gencmdlist.sh: Added an extra semicolon to make it work with
        old sed versions. Reported by Robert Bihlmeyer
  18. 02 Mar, 2005 1 commit
  19. 14 Sep, 2004 1 commit
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      2004-09-14 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 062b24c2
      okuji authored
        From Hollis Blanchard <hollis@penguinppc.org>:
        * kern/misc.c (memmove): New alias for grub_memmove.
        (memcmp): New alias for grub_memcmp.
        (memset): New alias for grub_memset.
        * boot/powerpc/ieee1275/ieee1275.c (grub_ieee1275_get_property):
        Change "int handle" to "grub_ieee1275_phandle_t handle".
        * include/grub/powerpc/ieee1275/ieee1275.h
        (grub_ieee1275_get_property): Likewise.
  20. 07 Mar, 2004 1 commit
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      2004-03-07 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 3b1139cb
      okuji authored
      	Now this project is GRUB 2 rather than PUPA. The location of
      	the CVS repository was moved to GRUB's.
      	* configure.ac: Use bug-grub as the reporting address.
      	Use GRUB instead of PUPA.
      	Change the version number to 1.90.
  21. 31 Jan, 2003 1 commit
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      2003-01-31 Yoshinori K. Okuji <okuji@enbug.org> · 1f5ab428
      okuji authored
      	* kern/i386/pc/lzo1x.S: New file.
      	* util/i386/pc/pupa-mkimage.c: Include lzo1x.h.
      	(compress_kernel): New variable.
      	(generate_image): Heavily modified to support compressing a
      	large part of the core image.
      	* util/misc.c (pupa_util_read_image): Fix a file descriptor
      	(pupa_util_load_image): New function.
      	* kern/i386/pc/startup.S: Include pupa/machine/kernel.h.
      	(pupa_compressed_size): New variable.
      	(codestart): Enable Gate A20 here.
      	Decompress the compressed part of the core image.
      	Rearrange the code to put functions and variables which are
      	required for initialization in the non-compressed part.
      	Include lzo1x.S.
      	* kern/i386/pc/init.c (pupa_machine_init): Don't enable Gate A20
      	* include/pupa/util/misc.h (pupa_util_write_image): Declared.
      	* include/pupa/i386/pc/kernel.h
      	* conf/i386-pc.rmk (pupa_mkimage_LDFLAGS): New variable.
      	* genmk.rb (Image#rule): Put LDFLAGS at the end of a line.
      	(Utility#rule): Likewise.
      	* configure.ac: Check if LZO is available.
  22. 27 Dec, 2002 1 commit