Put the special characters at the end of the tr argument

Otherwise tr will interpret the argument as an option
due to the first character being a dash.

Move the dash to the last character so that tr
does not interpret it as a range.

Fixes: commit 75dbebb7
Fixes: tr: invalid option -- '_'
parent 75dbebb7
......@@ -9,5 +9,5 @@
# wiki-text-to-subscribers-list <wiki text file> <subscribers emails file>
set -e
sed -r -n -e 's/^ *\* *Subscribers: (.*)/\1/p' "$1" | tr --complement --delete '-_@.0-9a-z ' > "$2"
sed -r -n -e 's/^ *\* *Subscribers: (.*)/\1/p' "$1" | tr --complement --delete '0-9a-z _@.-' > "$2"
find "$2" -empty -delete
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