Remove hack adding sha512 support to debian.deb822.Release

The debian Python module added this in 0.1.23 from 2014.

parent 24491625
......@@ -83,12 +83,6 @@ archs_file = os.path.realpath(os.path.join(__file__, '..', '..', 'etc', 'archite
with open(archs_file) as f:
archs =
# Hack to add sha512 support (
if 'sha512' not in debian.deb822.Release._multivalued_fields:
debian.deb822.Release._multivalued_fields['sha512'] = ['sha512', 'size', 'name']
if 'checksums-sha512' not in debian.deb822.Sources._multivalued_fields:
debian.deb822.Sources._multivalued_fields['checksums-sha512'] = ['sha512', 'size', 'name']
# Check if input is available
if not os.path.isdir(sys.argv[2]):
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