Commit 1950944b authored by Sanyam Khurana's avatar Sanyam Khurana

fix(encryption): Correct id for create_gpg_key_pair_popup_label in kv file

Merge branch 'fixing-create-key-bug' into 'master'

Fixing bug in create key pair of Encryption/Tools

See merge request new-contributor-wizard-team/new-contributor-wizard!19
parents 21d6c2a0 ed760082
......@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@ v0.0.1
## August 13 2018
- Fixing bug in Encryption/Tools, 'Create Key Pair' Tool (Shashank Kumar - realslimshanky)
- Adding description to all the course ware modules by updating `module_data.json` (Shashank Kumar - realslimshanky)
- Refactored `module_box` module to support description on the UI (Shashank Kumar - realslimshanky)
......@@ -74,6 +74,6 @@
orientation: 'vertical'
id: create_key_pair_popup_label
id: create_gpg_key_pair_popup_label
text: 'Key creation in progress'
font_name: 'ui/assets/fonts/VarelaRound-Regular.ttf'
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